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9. Egelner Chorfestival

"Sine musica nulla vita"
18.05.2017 – 21.05.2017

In the year 2017 time has come again. The ninth (9th) International Choir Festival in Egeln "SINE MUSICA NULLA VITA" is getting prepared.

The little town beside the river Bode, near Magdeburg (Germany) is for the ninth time the location where a youth choir festival of extraordinary means will take place.
International, but personal. Exchange and singing together, as well as listening is written in capital letters at "SINE MUSICA NULLA VITA".

Already registered choirs:
  • "Vocal Leo" from Havana (Cuba)
  • "Polifonica" from Minsk (Belarus)
  • "Zoltán Kodály" from Salgótarján (Hungary)
  • Young Voices - Egelner Kammerchor
  • Gemischter Chor Egeln e.V.
  • Gemischter Chor des Dr.-Frank-Gymnasiums Staßfurt
  • Mädchenkammerchor Egeln

You can download the registration form here:
registration form 2017 (english) | Anmeldeformular 2017 (deutsch)


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